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A Very Valentine Crochet Part 1

Valentine’s Day themed potholders copyright
Dawn Conklin/My Daily Crochet

I decided to experiment a little bit over the past year to see what may work and not work for various
ideas.  I decided to make some new holiday themed (at least in color on this one) items.  Here are my Valentine’s Day potholders.

I was tempted to do a heart shaped, but I struggled with deciding on the best way to do it.  Hearts are not always as easy to do, tho I may have to try the filet crochet for them like the placements that I am almost done with.  These are potholders made out of cotton yarn.  Mostly Lily Sugar ‘N Cream, but I think I also used the brand from our local Walmart which is Peaches and Creme.  I personally think they are both close to the same when working with them.

I didn’t write down this pattern as it was a simple 25 scs in a row for 26 rows.  I made a front and back for each potholder to ensure that it would be thick enough to not burn my hands.  I find that cotton is the best for potholders as it can handle the temperature better then acrylic yarn.  I just wanted to share them to show ideas for people for Valentine’s Day potholders.  If you have any questions I will gladly answer them for you.

Next post I will share the towel that I made but didn’t turn out the way I had hoped, but we learn from mistakes…right?

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