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The Valentine’s Day Colored Crochet Towel

Here is the crochet towel that I made with a Valentine’s Day theme in mind.  I didn’t add hearts, but

Crochet Towel
Image copyright Dawn Conklin/My Daily Crochet

the colors are white, purple, pink and red.  I love how well crochet towels work, but I think I will change the border next time if I use this same stitch with the next towel.  I tried to do a simple sc border around but it just didn’t turn out even on the border.  But it is still a nice towel!

I used Lily Sugar ‘N Cream for it.  If you do a crochet towel, you really need to use cotton yarn.  I made it a bit bigger then expected also, but it was my first time using this stitch for a towel.  I think I chained 50 but once I started to add the stitches, it really got bigger then a normal hand towel.  Probably try 35 or 40 next time.
It is a basic stitch of sc, dc in the same stitch then skip stitch and sc, dc in next stitch,  Once you are on the second row and beyond you are doing a sc, dc in the sc from the previous row and you are skipping the dcs from the previous rows.
It is a nice towel tho that works great! It is just big and using a border of scs made it a little uneven.  It is only my second towel I have made tho so it is a learning process of what works best! 

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