Crochet potholders St Patrick's Day

Crochet St Patrick’s Day Hat Potholders

St Patrick’s Day Potholders.  Copyright Dawn Conklin/My Daily Crochet

Sorry this is a little late, but it doesn’t take long to make if you have the colors you want. I use cotton yarn for the potholders and I used a size 6.5 hook(size K.) You can make yours a little smaller if you like. I find that I like this size for potholders and towels.

I used Peaches and Creme yarn in a paddy green, black and gold.  I made 2 and as you see by the picture that I goofed and forgot to put the little circle for on one to hang it on a hook, but that is ok.

Make 2 identical sides for each potholder.

Ch 26 with green
Row 1 sc in the 2nd chain from hook and all the way across (25 scs), turn
Row 2-4 Ch 1, sc in the next sc and all the way across (25 scs), turn
change colors (either gold or black whichever you are doing for your belt)
Rows 5-8 (with belt color) ch 1, sc in the next sc and all the way across (25 scs), turn
change back to green
Rows 9-25 (with green) ch 1, sc in next sc and all the way across (25 scs)
fasten off.

Adding the brim:
Using the green, join in the first stitch of the first row and chain 5 to the right:

Working on the brim of hat.  Copyright Dawn Conklin/My Daily Crochet

Sc in the 2nd ch from hook and sc all the way across.  Once you sc in the last sc from previous row, we are going to sc and ch together.

Insert hook into one loop from the last sc, yarn over and pull through.  Yarn over and pull through the first loop, yarn over and pull through both loops.  Do this a total of 4 times to make 4 scs.

Now turn and ch1.  Sc in each sc across. Repeat for 2 more rows.  You now have a hat shape.

Making the belt buckle:

Row 1 sc in the 2nd ch from hook and all the way across, turn
Row 2 ch 3, tr in next sc, ch 6, tr in each of the last 2 scs, turn
Row 3 ch 1, sc all the way across and in the 3rd chain from previous row.

Fasten off (I leave the ends real long and use the ends to “sew” it onto the potholder.)

I only put the buckle on one side of pot holder but that is up to you.  Once you put the belt buckle on, you can join the front and back.  I used just 2 rows of scs around to make it look neat and simple, but you can join with any border you think would look good.

For the loop (on the one that I didn’t forget to make one for haha!) I chained 12 in the corner (sc, chain 12, sc in same stitch) during the first row.  Then on the next row, I worked 12 scs around the 12 chain.  I actually did 1 sc in each ch space, but I think it would look neater if I did the 12 over the 12 ch space instead of in each ch.  But that is up to you!

I hope you enjoy making this pattern.  Sorry for the delay, I thought I had posted this earlier but then realized I didn’t.

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